Thursday, January 8, 2015

Auspicious Home Decor for Chinese New Year 2015

First week of January 2015 is almost over and here we are looking forward to Chinese New Year celebration next. We truly enjoy all the (compulsory fun) gatherings, feasting with family and friends. Amid all these, we also realize the next to do task would be spring cleaning and dressing up the home for visitations. In the past year we have been running RIVET Store, we noticed very interesting trends for example; all our horse ornaments are sold out almost immediately in each round of restock (which our product curator did not quite expect) and the other popular decor pieces are in the form of fishes and birds. Hence, we attempt to list the top 5 auspicious home decor based on our observation and the possible rationales behind it. What is your favourite home decor piece?

Bestseller: Rocking Horse

According to Chinese beliefs, horses are symbol of success, prestige and courage. Horses were given as tribute for war victories in the ancient Chinese times hence they are often being associated with success and celebration. We also believe it had a lot to do with the lunar Year of the Horse in 2014. So this coming lunar new year, we should be anticipating some popular Goat/Sheep/Ram ornaments to be flying off the shelf. Would you style your home with any goat/sheep/ram ornaments?  

Chic fish figurines for modern homes

This is an everlasting classic silhouette which many would style their homes with. It is believed that fishes bring wealth, prosperity and luck. This coincides with the Chinese character of fish (魚/) which translates to abundance. Abundance of wealth for the brand new year indeed. 


Apart from horses and fishes, decor items are very often adorned with bird designs and patterns. In feng shui, birds are considered as symbol of new opportunities, love and commitment. 

Above: Wired birds for cabinet display. Right: Hanging owl wall decor

We also often associate their ability to fly high with freedom and serenity. So, place a beautiful bird ornament to keep the home open for opportunities yet loving with a committed family bond. 

Home is where is the heart is

This is our favourite which is also the crowd's favourite. Quite literally, nothing speaks clearer than the universal symbol of love, happiness and positivity in a home setting. Throw in a heart cushion or ornament into a home and everything feels right. For 2015, we highly recommend to incorporate a little love into your home.

5. RED

One of our all-year-round bestsellers is a red display piece. The colour red symbolizes luck and good fortune and is believed to ward off evil spirits. Just like how we give red envelopes for good luck gesture, add a hearty but stylish tone for the homes too. 
Nippon had recently published the colours of fortune for 2015, you can look up the auspicious colours for each chinese horoscope here.

That concludes some of the trends our RIVET customers have shared in 2014. We definitely look forward to an exciting 2015. Do share with us if you have a good tip or two to perk up the homes for Chinese New Year.

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do...but how much love we put in that action. ::Mother Teresa::

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